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  • Madeleine Norman

Dartmoor Sacred Marriage Ceremony

For this amazing wedding, I travelled to the Dartmoor National Park, as this is where Natalie & Sika had arranged to have their Sacred Marriage Ceremony. This was a very special place for them as it is the place they both realised they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.

They had told me their vision for the day, but when I arrived on the banks of the River Dart it was just beautiful.

They had created a real Festival vibe, a small village of Tipis.

Sika is in the music industry, he plays the digeridoo amongst other instruments and preforms Sound Journeys all around England and New Zealand. So, for the ceremony he incorporated one of his sound journeys, which was an amazing experience in it's self. After this the couple then went on to preform the sacred marriage between them. I can honestly say the love between these two was so intense and deep, all of the guests were so invested in the ceremony. It was a real pleasure to be involved!

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