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  • Madeleine Norman

In a world of Uncertainty, Keep Calm and Pass the Wine!

So, I for one didn't see this coming. I never thought in my lifetime something this unprecedented could or would happen.

I am sat at my desk, pondering how on earth I am going to manage home schooling my three children of varying ages at the same time in a relatively confined space, whilst keeping them calm and quiet to ensure hubby doesn't get disturbed whilst working from his makeshift home office/En suite!

I have had all my weddings in the foreseeable future postponed, and I am not doing any shoots. Which is ok, Accept the lack of income.

So I thought I'd put it out there for all my Bride & Grooms along with any other couples who were supposed to get married this summer, sit tight, you will have your day and just imagine the party it will be after everybody has been cooped up for months. It WILL be epic!!

As dismal as it seems that your months of planning is now seemingly for nothing, try and look at it as you now have a little bit longer to save for it, a little bit longer to prepare for it, a little bit longer to plan it and a little bit longer to fall harder in love.

If anyone one you know has had to postpone there day and their current photographer cannot accommodate there new date, I have availability later this summer and next year.

Stay safe and look after each other, oh and wish me luck!!

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