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The C word!

Three weeks in and I am proud to say we are all still alive!

Home schooling started out really well, but the boys very quickly decided that it wasn't for them. As the sun popped out and thought in this much less polluted world it would stay out for a while, they have pretty much spent 12 hours a day running wild in the garden which I am so thankful to have.

The C word (Corona Virus/Corvid 19 take your pick) has been banned in the day time so not to worry little people.

Life as we know it has stopped and we are all in a limbo, that dare I say, I am growing to enjoy. Spending quality time with my important people has been precious. Obviously there are some very important people I cannot see and I miss them immensely. Popping by their house on our daily walks and waving from 2 meters away isn't quite the same a the warm hugs we are used to but i'll take it at this strange time!

I have taken it upon myself to bake. I've always loved baking but now I am baking daily, and feel I will be coming out the other side of this a few pounds heavier!

Anyway that's enough about me. As I said in my last post. All of my wedding for the first part of Summer have been postponed. I have had a lot of brides contact me who have had to move their wedding dates and their original suppliers can't for fill the date, so the already upset brides, who thought they had all their planning under their belts are now back to square one. Rest assured their are people out their who can help you, use the down time that's landed in our laps to research, please don't grab the first you can find thinking that is your only choice, I still have a few dates left towards the end of the summer and next year.

Everyone of your guest will be looking forward to your big day even more having been caged for months they will be ready to party! If anyone is stuck for a supplier take a look at my brochure, on the back page their is a list of people I have worked with and highly recommend.

Stay Safe and remember this is only for a short period of time in the whole scheme of things.

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